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Water Flossing

As for this glowing discovery, the credit goes to my husband, Mr Davies! As a technology enthusiast, he is always scouting out new electronics to improve our life.

He had to convince me to spend the money, as initially I'll admit I thought this was a gimmick. However from the first time I used it, I was hooked. I should mention now that I do not work for Waterpik, or any company with regards to advertising products. But I do trial products I think may work for my patients before recommending them.

I chose Waterpik because they are a well known brand and have had independant clinical studies done on their products. Since using this particular model (WP-660 Ultra Professional Water Flosser), I have also organised a Lunch & Learn with the local rep to learn more about its uses.

Whether you have implants, Invisalign Go, Dentures, Periodontal pockets or plain old healthy gums, you will surprised what is hiding in between your teeth! The water jets in between your teeth at gum level, forcing any bacteria, food or soft plaque into your mouth, so you can spit it into the sink. I was shocked that even after flossing, I still had food particles coming out when using the Water Flosser.

There are two modes and 5 pressure gages to choose from. I use the floss mode on pressure 10 (the highest) with luke warm water in the reservoir (I sometimes add some mouthwash to the mixture). A full reservoir can hold 90 seconds of flossing water but I have never needed that much. The jet is surprisingly powerful, but very comfortable and it leaves you feeling satisfyingly clean.

The best part is that it comes as a portable model as well so if you travel a lot there is no excuse not to take it with you!

You can get the stationary and portable models on Amazon from the links below:

Ultra Professional Water Flosser

Portable Water Flosser

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